KRASI DIMTCH = Krasimira Dimtchevska + Language-based Art

Thesauri wordscapes, documentalloids, and poetry

What is death? Is it an end or a new beginning? What is the purpose of life? Is Nature devoid of intention? Does the death of the body mean the total disintegration of consciousness? Why do I feel wronged by the fact that I am conscious of mine own mortality? Why do I have conscious thoughts and why the majority of them seem to me unworthy the energy necessary for their production? Why it is so difficult for me to resign myself to the idea that the end of my life is going to mark the beginning of an eternal thoughtless state of not knowing that death is an eternal thoughtless state of not knowing what death is? Is there life after death?

These questions are among the most persistent of all human questions and my own life has been riddled by recurrent bouts of anxiety stemming from my inability to find my own answers to them....until the sentence "In the beginning was the Word" captured my imagination and in a bizarre manner offered a way out. Inspired by it, I reached for the English Thesaurus and begun building sequences of synonyms which turned out to be the place where all kind of truths and fairy tales each of us can believe in could be found.

Nature Laughs at Definitions and Attempt the Impossible contain wordscapes documentalloids, and thesauri poems.

Portals to Death-free Universes - Points of Entry  is a thesaury poetry book documenting the transformations of sequences of interrelated English synonyms into poems.

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