KRASI DIMTCH = Krasimira Dimtchevska + Language-based Art



My task is not to describe reality but to replace it 



My artistic practice is focused on the invention and the application of unconventional techniques for representing the symbols of human Language. Analogous and digital, my art explores the dichotomy between “the immaterial” thought and its material manifestations, between the imaginary “original” and the multiplicity of the digital replica, between the sensory and the conceptual, between meaning and appearance, and between the computer code and its realizations.

I became interested in Language during a period of introspection while searching for unusual ways to disrupt the boring predictability of my thoughts and to articulate unusual answers to the fundamental questions of Human existence. My quest opened my mind to the idea that every possible verbal thought could be found in a net formed by sequences of synonyms and antonyms. While, with the help of an English Thesaurus, I “browsed” the net of words, I found the blueprints of novel for me revelations that led me to the development of patented methods and custom software for language generation and representation (CIPO-Patent-2704163).

The software enables the generation of different English sentences and non-identical visual and sound patterns representing these sentences which I use as building blocks of my creations. In broader sense, my artistic use of a computer code to convert one art form such as text into another such as music or moving images questions the notion of art being presented and experienced in terms of one original medium only. 

Now, I create language-based artworks that can be read, heard, or looked upon, all of them differently representing speculations about anything and everything including the meaning of life and death.

My textual art - comprising of semantic equations and thesauri poems - documents the one-of-a-kind transformations of sequences of English synonyms into sentences and poems. For example, the semantic equation "Death = Omneity" and the sentence "Death results in omneity" can be found in many possible sequences of synonyms including the sequence: death syn. event syn. result syn. (result in + completeness) syn. omneity".

My digital sound art demonstrates how textual artworks can be digitally transformed into sequences of non-speech sounds and experienced as musical abstractions.

My visual art is the result of a symbiosis between my imagination and custom software for representing words and sentences as colourful abstractions. My working process starts with the compilation of a text. The words of the text are then digitally converted by the software into different abstract representations. Finally, I manually create a visual “translation” of the text by using computer mouse instead of paintbrush and generated by the software abstract representations instead of acrylic paints. 

My non-schematic approach, combines a joyful randomness and premeditated irony in the process of my creative correction of reality.  In my digital universe, where the virtual bodies and colorful faces of my creations pop in and out of actual existence, the semantic net is my mentor, cognition and the imaginary are my muses, visual  and sound patterns are my alphabets.







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