KRASI DIMTCH = Krasimira Dimtchevska + Language-based Art

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"The Bulgarian artist Krasi Dimtch has created her own unique art, in which digital imagery, poetry and sound come together to perfection. Words become images, colors and shapes.  Custom software allows her to represent the sentences as visual patterns, which she then transforms into works of art. So Krasi implements a real visual translation of the words of the text which is also created by her. The history of art is full of examples of artists who tried to transform words and poems into real works of art. An example is Paul Klee who transformed his poems into paintings made up of letters and colors, which expressed the energy and meaning of poetry by themselves. Krasi takes a step further; she goes over the letters and the written words. Language is not just the words we use in speaking or writing to express a concept. But as the great philosopher Martin Heidegger stated, "language is the house of the truth of being", everything we use to express ourselves. Art is a visual language. Music is a sound language. And each different language allows a different view of reality, a different aspect of it. So why not find a new expressive mode that can mix two different languages to create a new one? This is exactly what happens in Krasi's works, who has found new expressive and communicative ways, a new way of giving to words a different form. Very illustrative of her art is the collection entitled "Digital Delights", in which Krasi demonstrates her talent with an abstract art that shows her entire emotional and personal sphere. With her art Krasi manages to bring some of her homeland Bulgaria in Canada where she lives now. Bulgaria is a land rich in culture and tradition and Krasi has been able to carry all this tradition into works of extreme technological innovation; the present projected into the future and the past come together to create something unique. The bright colors of her works inevitably recall the colors and textures of the fabrics of traditional dresses worn by Bulgarian women and men in festivals animated by popular music. In the work "Digital metaphors come into mischief" from the title it is very clear how the technique she designed can be used in art in a surprising way.  Krasi couldn't use a better concept than that of metaphor: the poetic rhetorical figure that actually implements a symbolic transposition of images. With images of wilderness placed as background into her digital delights, Krasi creates a sort of pentagram, in which we can hear the sounds and colors of her homeland.  Her origins are dotted with this explosion of colors and liveliness. Krasi recreates the songs she heard as a child in her images and her creatures, revoking those colors and those textures she had in her mind's eyes. This is a surprising but nostalgic way of keeping alive the memory of her land and showing everyone how wonderful it is.  The title of the collection is found in the work "The garden of digital delights" in which a real garden is visible but transformed and populated by these creatures. In them we find the magic and imperfect perfection of geometric fractals, which are the mathematical elements now essential in every type of digital art. The realistic images of eyes are always present in her works. The eye sees reality and processes it but also sees over and can capture gestures arising emotions. It is precisely seeing through what is clearly revealed before the eyes that Krasi depicts in her works; it is a piece of reality that manifests itself in her abstract works, because "figments invade the material world" as stated in the title of one of her works.  As per the title of another work of Krasi "Certainty is tedious" this is precisely the reason why she ventured into this world so uncertain.  Krasi's visual art is a perfect symbiosis between her imagination and the software that allows her to give life to extraordinarily subjective and personal works never seen before in the current art scene."

Silvia Grassi Art Curator for M.A.D.S. Milano Art Gallery, Italy

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