KRASI DIMTCH = Krasimira Dimtchevska + Language-based Art

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Krasi Dimtch: Every Letter is a Sound... Every Word is an Image
31 August- 16 September
Gallery Luz- Belgo, Montreal, Canada


My latest solo exhibition focuses on the development and use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language through digital, conceptual, and sound art.

‘Every letter is a sound... every word is an image’ features language-based artworks that can be read, heard, or looked upon, all of them differently representing the linguistic contents of hopes, fears, and disbeliefs about art, death, and the meaning of life.
Highlights of the exhibition include ‘Death-free universes… points of entry’ which is presented in the form of a poetry book, illustrating how the thesaurus-like organized structure of the English language can be used to formulate poetic thoughts. The book documents the transformations of sequences of interrelated English synonyms into poems. The sounds work ‘Every letter is a sound’ demonstrates how thoughts that have been put in words can be transformed into sequences of non-speech sounds and experienced as musical abstractions, while 12 colorful digital prints from the series ‘Every word is an image’ show how words, phrases, and sentences can be encoded as colorful images. The prints have been created by manually combining thousands of visual motifs. Each motif stands for the letters of a specific word, phrase, or sentence and has been generated by custom software for language representation.


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