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 WINTER 2016
An Artistic Contribution To The English Language
Krasi Dimtch
by Cornelius Rotich
“My artistic practice is focused on the development and the use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language. Language became the driving force for my art and the spiritual healer for my mind during a period of introspections in search of answers about the meaning of life in the structures of English Language. And it was there in the net of interrelated as synonyms and antonyms words that I started finding my own (not someone else’s) answers to the existential questions bothering me. Now, I create hybrid artworks that are the result of a symbiosis between my imagination and custom software for generating English sentences and representing them as visual patterns and musical sounds.
My working process starts with the compilation of a text containing phrases found by me in sequences of synonyms and sentences generated by the software. The sentences are then converted by the same software into different images. Finally, I manually create a visual “translation” of the text by using computer mouse instead of paintbrush and thousands of generated by the software images instead of acrylic paints.”

Artist Krasi Dimtch' work mainly focuses on Language and the way it can be used for the discovery of new ideas and the creation of images and sounds encoding them. Her artistic
output has contributed immensely to contemporary art and language as a whole. Her work is deeply inspired by the collective intelligence of humankind while simultaneously
questioning the role of the cultural narratives in society and the stereotypical thoughts they promote. Dimtch's work is helping to address such issues by offering logical solutions to
how to overcome by means of Language limitations caused by Language.

The following are some of the inspirations drawn from Dimtch' works: Language and its role - Krasi Dimtch delved deeply into the role of Language for the formation and the expression of
thoughts and beliefs. She used various challenges presented by English Language to expand the idea of creating art by combining visual patterns encoding words, phrases and sentences. Her work was not only focused on the development of various means for transforming linguistic messages into sequences of colors, forms and sounds but also on the practical development of the notion that every possibly sayable thought could be found in a net formed by interrelated synonyms. The final outcome was the formation of a system for natural language generation and representation which Dimtch uses for the creation of her art.
Language and its manifestations - Dimtch's language-based artworks are vibrant with color
depicting the colors of each vibrational frequency in communication. The digital methodology she developed for their creation involves the use of a custom-made computer program capable of generating different English sentences and visual and audio compositions representing them. The program enables not only the generation of audiovisual representations of every simple idea that is possibly sayable by means of simple English sentences but also the generation of indefinite number of non-identical abstract representations of the same sentence. The program is based on patented methods for natural language generation.
Some of Dimtch's works visualize actual attributes of English language and provide objective example of how to extract ideas from the net of synonyms that belongs to everyone. Also, by exposing some of the net's fragments, where she believes the makers of cultural narratives find their theories, Dimtch challenges the definition of authorship.
Dimtch' artistic and intellectual output has also helped to better understand how computers can
enhance artistic creativity and by combining the generation of novel sentences with the generation of abstract images and music she has broadened the field of computational creativity. In a nutshell, Dimtch' artistic work can be described as comprehensive and pragmatic offering real logical solutions to the challenges of creating and representing language-based thoughts
and ideas. Her unique approach to gaining an understanding of Language and the many possible ways for its representation and interpretation has become a journey for all to witness and reflect on their own.

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