KRASI DIMTCH = Krasimira Dimtchevska + Language-based Art

Krasi Dimtch: Every Letter is a Sound... Every Word is an Image
31 August- 16 September
Gallery Luz- Belgo, Montreal, Canada


My latest solo exhibition focuses on the development and use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language through digital, conceptual, and sound art.

‘Every letter is a sound... every word is an image’ features language-based artworks that can be read, heard, or looked upon, all of them differently representing the linguistic contents of hopes, fears, and disbeliefs about art, death, and the meaning of life.
Highlights of the exhibition include ‘Death-free universes… points of entry’ which is presented in the form of a poetry book, illustrating how the thesaurus-like organized structure of the English language can be used to formulate poetic thoughts. The book documents the transformations of sequences of interrelated English synonyms into poems. The sounds work ‘Every letter is a sound’ demonstrates how thoughts that have been put in words can be transformed into sequences of non-speech sounds and experienced as musical abstractions, while 12 colorful digital prints from the series ‘Every word is an image’ show how words, phrases, and sentences can be encoded as colorful images. The prints have been created by manually combining thousands of visual motifs. Each motif stands for the letters of a specific word, phrase, or sentence and has been generated by custom software for language representation.


Inside Artists - Issue 9: page 40 - 41


Krasi Dimtch


Replacing paintbrush and paint with mouse and electronic software, Krasi Dimtch creates complex visual representations of English sentences, inspired by language and the role it plays,

not merely in the expression, but also in the creation of thoughts.


Searching for ways to articulate the answers to existential questions plaguing  her during a period of introspection,  the artist began first by building sequences of English synonyms. she found

that these structures could  bring her answers without taking on another person’s opinion in the translation, which led to her developing custom software for language generation.


The final artworks are a result of a symbiosis between the artist’s imagination  and the software, which represents the symbols of language as visual patterns – an indefinite number of non- identical abstract representations means that each word can create an infinite amount of graphic possibilities.



AVBIV Selected Artists

By The-Biennial-Project

12. April 2017 11:55

Art Venice Biennal IV Selected Artist :

Krasi Dimtch Death is a word

Krasi Dimtch Paradise is a book

Mitchel Ahern Of Insemination and Incipience

Mitchel Ahern Resist Hate

Ali Al Ezzi Memorial Candle

Constant Albertson Children of war series: Child soldier

Anne Anicet Linhas a Mostra 3

Suzanne Anker Astroculture (Eternal Return)

Suzanne Anker Remote Sensing

Christopher Arabadjis Untitled 2016-04-002

Manss Aval Tyroid

Alessia Avellino Enter. Shamans working with 8

Jerolyn Bahm Colombik Jesus Maria_ Mexico

David R Banta Last Supper

Ted Barr Variations in Red

Deirdre Barrett Charlie's Kitchen

Dalila Benett In Response

Joseph Bennett Terry's Homelessness

Sarah Bielski  Getting To Third

David Black Bamboo

David Black Narcisista

Markus Blaus existing a little lighter

Markus Blaus Searching for Venn


Yana Bondar Suspended Anticipation

Jan Brandt Osmose

Jan Brandt Conglomeration

Meredith Brice NANOSKETCH #7 Dust to heal

Richard Buckley Rorchach Rouge

Karen Burgess ClintonTrump 1

Karen Burgess ClintonTrump 2

Karen Burgess Melissa

Albert Champeau Extraction of space energy

Yvonne Cilia Angel

Rachel Citrino Strings

Charlene Clempson The Birds

Lisa Cody-Rapport oops

Emelie Coffey I've been a long time that I've wandered

Roger Colombik Portrait of Jeet Bahadur Rai Family

Roger Colombik Portrait of Jeet Bahadur rai Family (detail)

Stephen Copland After Durer

Julie Crane Hibernating Home

Chantal Dahan Exterior Landscape

Stephen Daly CONSTRUCT (radio)

Jenny Davis Wallmatter 17

Vukasin Delevic Signal 1

Nick Di Stefano If I Apologized

Nick Di Stefano Secure_ 11

Gary Duehr Babies

Gary Duehr Revolt

Barbara Eskin Netscape

Tom Estes The Anomaly

Erin McGee Ferrell Petri Dish, Biological Study

Dorothy Fitzgerald spine tingling

Susan Fitzsimmons Detail Sentinels and Guardians

Raquel Fornasaro HypnoBaby

Farzin Foroutan 9 Minutes

Farzin Foroutan Tehran-Darband

Rosalie Frankel IFortuna

Stephen Fulghum Matter of Time

Faith Gabel Tornado

Jaime Gaiti Swarm

Greg Garvey The Deplorables: Trump_ Assad_ Putin

Greg Garvey The Acceptables: May_ Cameron_ Merkel

Jacqueline Gelfuso Gallo The Forest House

Patricia Geller Dorothy Parker

Ela Goldman Dreidels 8

Nevena Grkovic Bukvic Piece-part project

Larisse Hall ! ! ! (by night)

Lindsay Hall Blinged Out

Lindsay Hall Hairy Bump

Karin Hauser #17_ Beneath the Canopy

Artemis Herber Big Pit

Artemis Herber eleusis

Diane Hoffman Llama quilt

C Anthony Huber Death of Disco IX

Florence Iff Me_ Myself & I_ Adele

Peter Ignatius Follow Them

Clint Imboden dandelion #1

Clint Imboden christ right and left foot


June Jacobs Towers of Enlightment

Brock Jensen Illuminating the Brute

Sharon Johnson-Tennant Evening Stroll

Cathy Jones The Crone Meets the Carnivores

Gary Justis Meela

Yvette Kaiser Smith Codex: pi 1021

Marjorie Kaye Sequence 17 - Coda - The Beginning and the End

Marjorie Kaye Sequence 2 - Abbandonamente (In A Gadda-Da-Vida)

Matthew Keller a conversation that we won't remember

Matthew Keller adifferenttimemaybe

Ian Kennelly Gridlock

Ian Kennelly 2332-Night Game

Soberon Koen Project: 'Beyond the layered reality'

Walter Kopec Run Up To War

Walter Kopec I Think_ Maybe_ I Could Take A Bit More

Laura Krasnow Reconsolidation #3

Laura Krasnow Reconsolidation #6

Jean-Francois Lanthier Forbidden love

Corinne Lapin-Cohen Automatism#10

Louise Laplante Phrenological Journal with Feet

Urszula Lelen Commedia Dell Arte_Souls Engagement

Urszula Lelen Commedia Dell Arte_ Deja Vu

Charlie Lemay Progress

Joe Lewis Clone Wars

Joe Lewis Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang... stop

Adrienne Lichliter Concrete Gem

Carole Loeffler Laden

Carole Loeffler untold hours of labor

Madeleine Lord S H O T



Adamo Macri Armed

Wayne Madsen Family reflux

Samantha Marder Ruth

Samantha Marder Wrangler

Sooo-z Mastropietro Chimaerrow

Fiona McDonald Hide and Seek

Shandra Mclane Arctic Ecology

Suzanne Mercury Haptic Poem

Deborah Mitchell Autumn Walks

Seren Morey Jelly

Jeannie Motherwell Limitless

Jeannie Motherwell Miracle

Anne Murray Am I Even Here

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Ozlem Ayse Ozgur When Children Die They Do not Grow

Ozlem Ayse Ozgur Quilt For The Fallen

Ozlem Ayse Ozgur Self Portrait As A De-constructed Carpet

Christine Palamidessi (O)pressed #1

Joshua Palmeri one eyed jack

Jessie Parker Transformed VI

Yvonne Petkus Arctic Pull

Bo Petran Grandma's Last Stand

Bo Petran Untitled

Remi Pico The Standard Deviations of the Average Man

Monica Pisilli Sea urchins

Terry Plater En Pelissanne

Terry Plater The Parlor

R. Prost Veritas LII

Katarina Rasic Yugonostalgia

Farid Rasulov Europallet

Farid Rasulov To the next

Ronen Raz 3/4 Cow 1/4 Pig

Brian Reeves The Sleep of Reason Produces Navelgazers (after Goya)

Barbara Revelle youcantmakethisshitup3

Barbara Revelle youcantmakethisshitup5

Cecile Ronc Sketches of Stain

Ruth Rosner Refugee Women Series: THE FIRE NEXT TIME

Ruth Rosner Refugee Women Series: EMBATTLED REBIRTH [with chain link fence]

Joan Ryan Words Can Only Point

Joan Ryan contemplating venus

Joan Ryan they lied

Bilha Salomon Self portrait

Victor Salvo Church at Dusk

Victor Salvo Olympic Boxing

Elaine Sapochetti February

Elizabeth Saviano The Twin Towers 911

Maria Victoria Savka Neighbor's Sheep - Color iv

Michael St. Germain untitled

Michael St. Germain untitled

Ellen Schon Red Well

Renate Schweizer Woman in different worlds

Renate Schweizer four planets for mother earth

Vladimira Sedlakova Project Contemplation of Layers

Vladimira Sedlakova Project Contemplation of Layers

George Shaw A Hard Rain is Gonna Fall

Kathryn Shinko Vignettes: Tight Pink

Kathryn Shinko Karadzic Suite 2: Radovan the Saintly Martyr_ Radovan the Bull-Balled Beast

Marlene Siff Staccato

Marlene Siff Shifting Balance xavier somers vain

Gabriel Stallings Transformation 23

Gianna Stewart Buckets of Birds

Gianna Stewart Buckets of Birds

Kristin Street Cocooned Hearts

Kristin Street WireWorks Looped

Lenore Tenenblatt Lobster Cup

Ann Tracy Past and Future Collide

Vladimir Tsvetkov THE STAIRS

Tevfik Ulual Gondollas

Paul Valadez dont be fat

Salvatore Valente asino colorato

Rosaria Aestus Vigorito Goddess

Lars Vilhelmsen no title 3

Ken Wallin Elephant and butterflies sculpture-11

Don Weiner Bahamas Sunset

Paul Weiner Anna gets her yellow on

Paul Weiner untitled

Vanessa White Amateur Underpass 1

Katie Wild Framed Blue

Timothy Wilson Cottie Re-Lit

Carolyn Wirth Sylvia in Middle Age

Jeff Wood Reflections on time

Coral Woodbury Shroud II

Coral Woodbury Overwritten

Igor Zlatic Pig Rider Igor Zlatic Summer Yachting


Kent Anderson Butler Bathe

Martha Mccollough Break and Remake

Martha Mccollough Two story train

Meredith Brice NANOSKETCH #4 Interweaves in-between

Megan-Leigh Heilig Can I Have a Cigarette?

Stephen Copland The Artist’s Studio_Migration as Art

Tom Corby The Southern Ocean Studies

Chantal Dahan What are Indians good for?

Brian Glaze Television (standard definition)

Nick Di Stefano She Looks

Snow Yunxue Fu Figment

Eduardo Herrera Mundus Patet

Dee Hood The Shufflebackfuck

Dee Hood Altered Spaces

Dee Hood It's a process

Nelleke Bosland Licht

Wayne Madsen guernica

Scott Mallory REM

Scott Mallory Inverted Universe

Anne Murray Home is a Privilege

Anne Murray Blind Ambition

Mohamed Nour Bodhisattva

Katarina Rasic Skeletons of The God

Clare Robertson Trust In Us

Erica Schreiner Stencil

Jill Taffet Strings

Danielle Zorbas ants in the legs 

Megan-Leigh Heilig The Day The Sun Did Not Rise

Shahar Tuchner The Thing

Shahar Tuchner Fly

 WINTER 2016
An Artistic Contribution To The English Language
Krasi Dimtch
by Cornelius Rotich
“My artistic practice is focused on the development and the use of atypical means for representing the symbols of Language. Language became the driving force for my art and the spiritual healer for my mind during a period of introspections in search of answers about the meaning of life in the structures of English Language. And it was there in the net of interrelated as synonyms and antonyms words that I started finding my own (not someone else’s) answers to the existential questions bothering me. Now, I create hybrid artworks that are the result of a symbiosis between my imagination and custom software for generating English sentences and representing them as visual patterns and musical sounds.
My working process starts with the compilation of a text containing phrases found by me in sequences of synonyms and sentences generated by the software. The sentences are then converted by the same software into different images. Finally, I manually create a visual “translation” of the text by using computer mouse instead of paintbrush and thousands of generated by the software images instead of acrylic paints.”

Artist Krasi Dimtch' work mainly focuses on Language and the way it can be used for the discovery of new ideas and the creation of images and sounds encoding them. Her artistic
output has contributed immensely to contemporary art and language as a whole. Her work is deeply inspired by the collective intelligence of humankind while simultaneously
questioning the role of the cultural narratives in society and the stereotypical thoughts they promote. Dimtch's work is helping to address such issues by offering logical solutions to
how to overcome by means of Language limitations caused by Language.

The following are some of the inspirations drawn from Dimtch' works: Language and its role - Krasi Dimtch delved deeply into the role of Language for the formation and the expression of
thoughts and beliefs. She used various challenges presented by English Language to expand the idea of creating art by combining visual patterns encoding words, phrases and sentences. Her work was not only focused on the development of various means for transforming linguistic messages into sequences of colors, forms and sounds but also on the practical development of the notion that every possibly sayable thought could be found in a net formed by interrelated synonyms. The final outcome was the formation of a system for natural language generation and representation which Dimtch uses for the creation of her art.
Language and its manifestations - Dimtch's language-based artworks are vibrant with color
depicting the colors of each vibrational frequency in communication. The digital methodology she developed for their creation involves the use of a custom-made computer program capable of generating different English sentences and visual and audio compositions representing them. The program enables not only the generation of audiovisual representations of every simple idea that is possibly sayable by means of simple English sentences but also the generation of indefinite number of non-identical abstract representations of the same sentence. The program is based on patented methods for natural language generation.
Some of Dimtch's works visualize actual attributes of English language and provide objective example of how to extract ideas from the net of synonyms that belongs to everyone. Also, by exposing some of the net's fragments, where she believes the makers of cultural narratives find their theories, Dimtch challenges the definition of authorship.
Dimtch' artistic and intellectual output has also helped to better understand how computers can
enhance artistic creativity and by combining the generation of novel sentences with the generation of abstract images and music she has broadened the field of computational creativity. In a nutshell, Dimtch' artistic work can be described as comprehensive and pragmatic offering real logical solutions to the challenges of creating and representing language-based thoughts
and ideas. Her unique approach to gaining an understanding of Language and the many possible ways for its representation and interpretation has become a journey for all to witness and reflect on their own.

Dear Krasi Dimtch (Krasimira Dimtchevska),


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"In the beginning was the Word" - could this particular set of words be a coded message? Several years ago, I tried to answer this question by inventing and implementing the method of the dictionary-aided synonymous differentiation. The method involved the transforming of the initial set of words "In the beginning was the Word" into a derivative text. The method consisted of addition and replacement of words with their synonyms or dictionary definitions. The dictionary-aided synonymous differentiation of a word, a phrase or a sentence, could be an endless process. For me it ended when my curiosity was satisfied, which definitely happened long before the whole dictionary became involved in the process. So after several months of copy, paste, make a choice, and delete daily routine I had managed to produce the following text.

 “In the beginning was the Word” = (in = (Within the bound of) ) + (the beginning = syn. source = syn. authority = syn. right = syn. Absolute) + (Word = syn. command = syn. authority = syn. Absolute = something considered to be the ultimate basis of all thought and being) = The ultimate basis of all thought and being is within the bound of the Absolute. The Absolute includes all of its possible manifestations. The Absolute does not exist as a finished thing. Every conceivable property of the Absolute is shared by some of its manifestations. The actual Universe is one out of all possible manifestations of the Absolute. Time is one out of all possible manifestations of the Absolute.

In the beginning of the present Universe sequences of competing primary events has been initiated. Configurations of primary events that survived determined the properties of the present Universe. All further events became their consequences. The present Universe is a selective system and as such summarizes one possible chain of events that survived.

The sum of all possible manifestations of the present Universe does not exist as a finished thing. The present Universe sequentially expresses events that fit the conditions set by the fittest primary event and its offspring events. The present Universe in all its details is in a process of becoming. Every conceivable property of the present physical Universe is shared by some of its manifestations.

Human mind is a manifestation of the present Universe therefore a property of the Absolute. Human mind has an access to unfit already extinct events from the past of the present Universe, including the Absolute. The supposedly invariant rules that order the present Universe are properties of the Absolute. Everything that is physical obeys the supposedly invariant rules that order the present Universe.

The collective human mind is in a process of becoming and does not exist as a finished thing. The collective human mind is a non-relative and non-subjective property of the Absolute.

Lifelessness and deathlessness are properties of a sayable therefore possible Universe. Life after death is a property of a sayable therefore possible Universe. Life and death are defining properties of the present Universe. The nervous system is a defining property of the present Universe. The immune system is a defining property of the present Universe.

Human brain is a defining property of the present Universe. Human language and thought are defining properties of the present Universe. Thoughts are defining properties of the present Universe.

A defining property affects the chain of events initiated by the birth of the present Universe.

The exact contents of my particular fantasies are not a defining property of this Universe. I have dreams that are inconsequential properties of the present Universe. An inconsequential property is a random event in a sense that it does not affect the chain of events initiated by the birth of the present Universe.

Not everything sayable contradicts the invariant rules that mark the expansion of the present Universe. The expansion of the present Universe is a selective process.

The selective process is a property of the Absolute. The thought production is a selective process. Thoughts are defining properties of the semantic field. The properties of the semantic field are properties of the Absolute.

The sum of all possible thoughts includes the set of all meaningless thoughts. A meaningless thought is an event that does not fit the context set by the present Universe. Fairy tales and computers are properties of the present Universe. The sum of all possible thoughts does not exist as a finished thing. The sum of all possible thoughts produced by the sum of all possible humans is an approximate replica of the Absolute."

The fact that I was able to transform "In the beginning was the word" into a set of not completely unoriginal ideas convinced me that all possibly sayable thoughts are embedded in sequences of synonyms.

my . artist run website