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My art is inspired by language and the role it plays, not merely in the expression, but also in the creation of thoughts.

I became interested in language at a moment of my life when art (the way I practised it then) couldn't help me to subvert the mental barriers erected by the handful of cultural narratives I have been taught to believe in. One day, inspired by Borges' story "The Library of Babel" I started building sequences of English synonyms (at that time English was a language that I barely understood).  And it was in sequences of synonyms such as:  "ART syn. organism syn. life syn. time syn. OUTLASTS + DEATH + LIFE + leisure syn. CURBS + FREEDOM" that I started to find sentences that were not repetitions of someone else's opinions.  After exploring thousands of sequences of synonyms and after acquiring a patent for methods for language generation (CIPO-Patent-2704163 by Krasimira Dimtchevska and Svillen Ranev) I am finally "free" and ready to share my findings.

Now, I create complex visual representations of English sentences.


I manually "construct" digital images made from hundreds of digital structures encoding different English sentences. The structures are created by custom software based on patented methods for language generation and representation. Since the software enables the generation of indefinite number of non-identical abstract representations of one and the same sentence in my colourful world one word is worth thousand images.


My sounds works  demonstrate how thoughts that have been put in words can be transformed into sequences of non-speech sounds and experienced as musical abstractions.


Also, I create thesauri poetry and wordscapes that visually expose fragments of the complex structure of interrelated English synonyms and the sentences embedded in them. The displayed by my wordscapes sequences of synonyms and the sentences embedded in them are not exclusive property of the makers of dominant cultural narratives. They are common property of humankind and belong to everyone.